Meet brings people together and helps them to spend less time on their phones.

Kevin Schaefer

Planning gatherings always felt like a burden to Kevin, so he envisioned a better way to invite friends over. Reducing pain points with simple user-flows enables an effortless process to do so.

Whenever there is an upcoming event, you can create a Meet and send a link to everyone you'd like to invite. They can accept or decline it, see the shopping list, and – once the event is over – upload photos to keep memories.

Visual language

Meet was created to make people's lives easier by providing a simple service to plan and manage sleep­overs, dates and family events. The design is just like that: Simple and easy to understand.

Ultimately, the goal is to reduce time spent on the phone, and increase real life connection.

The color pink is often associated with passion, love, warmth, as well as care, safety, understanding and hope – which is exactly what meeting your friends should feel like.

Inter enhances simplicity as it is a very essentialist typeface.

Due to personal reasons we paused the progress on this project with hope to continue in the future.

This case study is to be extended

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