KoRo Drogerie

I helped KoRo improve their online shopping experience to support the mission of becoming the number one online food store in Europe.

They reached me to oversee various adjustments to the design of their online store—including product variants, a pricing graph, navigation layout, structure of recipes, and overall refactoring of the interface.


Humans are creatures of habit. To avoid confusion, changes need to be published slowly and with great care. Testing designs to evaluate the best-performing solution is essential to introduce changes which work—and not for the sake of the change itself.


Many changes might feel unimportant—slightly more rounded corners, adjustments to spacing of tabs, or removing gradients from the checkout button. But: “The details are not the details. They make the design.” (Charles Eames). Therefore, we took enough time to consider small changes to elevate the experience as a whole. Also to shape the expression of the brand.

We collaborated closely on adjustments and iterated quickly. To confirm quality in implementation, I overtook some of the development myself with great help from the folks at 8MYLEZ.