RSS Feeds

Online reading personally always felt painful—annoying advertisements, affiliate links, different layouts and typography on each page. Then, keeping together various sources was the next problem. Until not long ago, I was stuck with multiple lists of pages I had collected, newsletters, channels, profiles—you name it.

A recent client project forced me to build an RSS feed, and to debug, I decided on FeedbinOne great feature of Feedbin is an individual e-mail address, of which subscribed newsletters will also appear in the feed.. I had tested the platform before, but refused to pay after the end of the trial (before putting my digital well-being above monetary resources).

For the time being, I am very content with both the collection of sources, as well as how they’re being fetched and displayed. However, I quickly noticed how many sites lack a (properly formatted) RSS feed.

Either information is incomplete at most, or there is no feed in the first place. This is to say, to anyone (in)frequently publishing online: create an RSS feed and optimise it—everyone (me) will be forever thankful.