I sometimes have the urge to sit with someone far out the city and away from all busyness. In a place that is only equipped with nothing more than essence for humane survival. Letting go of all must-haves and could-haves to focus on counting blessings and nurturing gratitude for what the universe has provided us with.

Most importantly just existing there, feeling the breeze wavering over your skin and having a sense of being and belonging. Creating external peace to allow yourself to find inner peace, too. Letting the mind wander, allowing thoughts to come and go. Perhaps randomly breaking out into tears because we are no longer distracted from our innermost feelings.

And at the same time – after remembering there is somebody else with you – also exchanging thoughts with them, sharing how you feel and letting them see your authentic self. Spinning ideas further, trying desperately to make sense of this life and its hidden meaning – only to snap back into reality, noticing the other person and how grateful you are for sharing such vulnerable and intimate moment with them.