Happy(?) Pride Month

The time of the year again for large companies to tint their logo with rainbow colors. A painful reminder that diversity and inclusivity are usually just hollow words instead of an act of betterment for impacted people.

Though I am deeply grateful for my supportive peers, it is equally saddening to see how people suffer from the narrow-mindedness of so many others. All the looks, the bullies, and irrespectable comments I have experienced have made me stronger—yet leave marks that will accompany me forever.

Having to look around you before kissing your partner in public or holding hands in fear of confrontation are the most basic habits of queer people. Everything to protect each other while compromising on the perhaps biggest deed of human kind: love.

I am proud to be queer, but I wish for a world where it doesn’t matter that I am.

I wrote an article about coming out. It’s in German, but I think technology is advanced enough to translate it. Read it here.