Brisbane Grotesk by Valentin Rudloff

“BRISBANE GROTESK is a low-contrast, elegant but somehow brutal font. Some characteristics of the font come from Swiss Design and Brutalism. The word “Brisbane” comes from the two ancient words “brise” meaning a break, and “ban” - a bone, “break bone”. Brisbane was a name first mentioned in the 13th century, either referring to a doctor who healed bones or it was a nickname of someone who broke bones.

This ambiguous background is found in every fiber of the font. Exactly this contradiction between destroyer and healer can be found in every glyph. Uniform, transitional forms, alternate with breaks and inktraps.”

Kudos to Valentin for the incredible work on this typeface. The overall brutalist yet very accessible character resonated most, especially since my field of taste in fonts is very narrow.