Through the course of this year, but especially in the very small moments, I realized over and over again how, incredibly important friends are.

Whenever I needed someone to talk to, there were people to reach out to and they welcomed every emotion, every tear, or laugh. And this is something we need to tell each other way more often, and then act on it. Just listening to each other can change lives and save someone from drowning in their worries. Without judgement, simply reaching out a hand.

Tomorrow is the last day of this year. It was definitely a challenging one for me, especially mentally and emotionally. Of course, I was able to experience incredible things, was surrounded by pure people and got to see wonderful places. And yes, I am grateful for everything, even the bad moments of grief, sadness, loneliness, and hopelessness.

But they, just as much, withheld me from being fully present and treating the positive moments how they deserve to be treated. Realizing this really threw me off sometimes. And I wish I had faced my grief and every ounce of pain right when they emerged, but I didn’t, so they bounced back with 10x their power. I still have days where I don’t know where to go or if I wanna be here any longer.

But I know much better. Life is beautiful, even the deepest pain is. Because without the bad, there’s no good. I am trying to see this year in the most positive way, holding all lessons dearly close, so that 2023 can become a year of more smiles, hugs, telling people I love them and actually meaning it. Bonding stronger, being awkwardly weird and myself.

Making people feel loved. That’s what I wanna do. Not at my own expense, but so much that whoever is important to me knows it without second thought.