Everything about this website.

Last updated Aug 26, 2023


Inspired by Akzidenz-Grotesk and the NYC Subway wayfinding system, Söhne is a minimal yet highligh functional and Characterful typeface. Designed by Kris Sowersby and published through Klim Type Foundry. Only one weight (Buch) is used to reduce complexity.

Some numbers and color hex codes are displayed in Martian Mono.


Built with Next.js, Contentlayer, and Tailwind.

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All images were taken or created by Linus Rogge, if not stated otherwise. I aim to provide sources for all imagery on this site. However, due to the nuances of the internet and platforms for visual inspiration, it’s not always possible to do so.

Credits on most images can be found by hovering them.


Pages that, in no particular order, inspired the current version of this site—visually, substantially, or personally.

Good people

There wouldn’t be enough space to list every important person here, but these are a few of the good souls that made a positive impact in my life: