True Social Media

Deleting your entire Social Media (or even just a part of it) sounds sort of horrifying. Björn, who is a friend of mine, did exactly that a few months ago.

“Now, I mostly directly send pictures to my friends instead of posting them on my story”

he said, “If I made a nice latte art I can show it to them directly and will more likely get into a (valuable) conversation.” That really caught me off guard and made me think about this perspective.

We are mostly posting stories either for the pure sake of posting them or maybe because we have something *important* to share. Further, I find myself often wishing for certain people replying to it. So why not send it directly to them and start a conversation?

If I'm being honest, I can't live without Social Media at the moment. It connects me with friends and strangers all over the world and helps me share my thoughts and ideas. Still, I try to limit my time spent on these platforms and make my use more intentional.

That, however, will not stop me from trying this new approach and sending my work, thoughts, photographs, or little experiences to people close to me to talk about them and deepen the connection doing so.