What does love mean to you? How would you define it?

I'll start: embracing each other as individual humans who happen to get to bump down the road walking next to each other; Being there when things get tough; Appreciating each other's growth and mistakes;

It means not fighting against loss but enjoying every moment spent together.

It is supporting each other in many ways, even being there when they're faced with problems without making them your own; Giving them space and freedom to be them because it's not only "We" – it's also still "You" and "I"

I did my research, I have to admit, altough I do love a lot and many people, I never really knew how I would describe it; loving.

"Like, I know that I really like my friends a lot and stuff, but I never was sure if that's actually love or just something else that's really a strong power." I wrote to a friend while we talked about love and feelings and that we accept the love we think we deserve.

Maybe it wasn't the best choice to read about love since it made me feel like I now have some guide­lines in my mind. Therefore it is important to remind myself that the greatest love comes completely natural.

Esventually, we have to find a way for ourselves to express our true emotions to others and to develop our own way of caring for them. What I have learned is that the best love doesn't feel like I would've imagined it at all. It is not a moment that you realize you love someone. It is a process and a constant commitment by showing them how much you appreciate having them in your life.