KUMO is an art, design and travel magazine based on the idea of rediscovering our environment by abstracting it into vertical meters. Every meter opens up new biotopes and ways of life.

Kumo, Japanese for Cloud, is directly related to the concept of height because in the end, clouds are above everything and they are omnipresent, overlooking the world below. KUMO peers into the little pleasures in life, taking people’s stories and experiences to new places, similar to how clouds transport water.

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Valentin and Christof are designers, photo­graphers and overall vastly inspiring creative people from Graz, Austria. After following Valentin on Instagram for some time, I found out that he and his partner were working on this project together.

Creating, designing, and printing a magazine, apparently, isn't that easy, and seeing and hearing about their struggles and successes of their journey has been genuinely exciting follow.

“KUMO is a bilingual magazine. So, it offers English as the main language as well as a German translation in the same magazine. We decided to do this because breaking boundaries is an important part of our work.”

Combined with all the breath­taking photos, the written part is a dreamy and highly visual docu­mentation of the beautiful places featured in the first issue. A blast to read and a lovely company for rainy days, since every human involved has a some­what close connection with the sea and water.

Reading through the stories gave me a sense of comfort and peacefulness. Turning each page opened up a new perspective and vertical position being filled with stunning impressions. It's not just scanning through a paper-made product, it is a whole experience. ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

Not only was I interested in this project so dearly because of how much I think Christof and Valentin are super lovely humans, but furthermore because creating something like a magazine myself has always been a thought in my mind.

After hearing about their experiences, I might give this dream slightly more time and save it for a period of my life that is less stressful and busy. Putting in a proper amount of time, creativity, and effort to make it something truly special and worthy of having.