tickethype · 2022

A platform for easy and inexpensive digital ticket selling. I partnered with the team at tickethype to create an intuitive experience with clean aesthetics.

Ticket platforms are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, hardly anyone manages to make ticket sales pleasant for both event organizers and customers. Most competing products are overloaded with features and charge high fees and commissions.

tickethype combines all important functions of a ticketing software in one simple application.

The top priority from the start was to easen the workflow for both parties in terms of event creation, checkout and the overall experience.

It takes less than three minutes to create an organizer account, an event and the corresponding tickets. Afterwards the host will receive a link to a lucid sales page, where visitors can buy their tickets stress-free. They receive their tickets automatically with the option to share them with friends, or add them to Apple Wallet.


A reduced dashboard enables what a proper dashboard actually does: providing a glance at sorted and optimized statistics and quick access to every important area.

Visual language

Previously called "simpleticket", tickethype conveys an inviting, robust and approachable appearance. A bold choice in color stays in mind and beautifully accompanies visual elements and components.