I am featuring talented and inspiring people on Instagram.


Frequently, I am asked for recommendations on inspiring accounts on Instagram.

The idea of creating a curated list of Instagram profiles sparked in my mind when a friend of mine messaged me saying that he just spent half an hour looking trhough the people I follow to find nice accounts that he could follow as well.

My reply was just like “Why don't you just ask me?,” when I realized that I probably wouldn't have asked anyone else either. With the next blink of my eyes, I was sitting at my desk and scribbling down some ideas about a platform for shared accounts of Instagram creators and personalities.

Why tco.gallery?

When I joined the waste.space community, I uploaded a screenshot of the design for my – at that time – no-name project. It was Farzad Ban who gave me the idea of buying the domain tco.gallery, meaning The Chosen Ones. I loved the suggestion and went with it without a lot of thinking.


I really admire the framework called Hugo for creating websites that don't need a lot of logic. This is why I also chose it for this project. I started design­ing in Sketch and after the first basic layouts, I started developing them instantly. Not always the best approach, but for me it helps a lot to identify possible errors and problems that I can't spot filling a blank canvas in a design software.


I collected a lot of feedback while building this project to see perspectives that weren't visible to me before. Sharing the idea and talking about it also helped me to name this project.

Being put in front of a big project can be obnoxiously scary, but after building some kind of structure and doing some research on the problems you are solving and the ideas you have, most of these things won't seem as big anymore.