We developed a simple, measur­able and perso­nal approach to make learning the piano online as easy as possible.

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Photo by Luca Jahn


Back in 2019, everything started with a chat with Björn to talk about Major Keys. Soon after, we transformed Niklas' concept of improvisation for the piano into well-structured video packages.

Because we are a small team, many things are discussed and decided together, but my main responsibility is taking care of the digital experience, our online presence, and also technical tasks. Additionally, I managed the post production of the first video packages we released in February 2020.

Our meetings are always a fitting symbiosis of productivity, con­struc­tive disagreements, and personal catch-ups.

“We can reach many more people personally with what we were able to learn. Passing on our passion, the music – everywhere”

It is our mission to help people discover their musical potential so they can embrace their ideas at the piano. For doing so, we came up with an approach that includes three focus points:


Learning to play the piano is hard enough, so we want to reduce unnecessary complexity. Simple tasks, simple instructions.


We are using Trello to offer an overview of the user's lessons and to visualize the progress they have made by checking of bulletpoints and dragging cards into “Done.”


Nothing is worse than being alone in difficult sitations, so every student is able to contact their coach at all time. This way we can provide personalized help.

We also provide frequent sessions online with the students to actively feedback and coach them.

Current challenges

We are convinced that our products hold a lot of value and that they can help people explore their individual aptitude for music. However, we are still struggling to extend our reach and expand our community.

Also, we put a lot of time and effort into research on what our students and potential users might need. In the past months, we experimented with a few concepts and reviewed a lot of the outcomes.

After evaluating, we set up three main steps that we want to focus on next:

  1. Extend reach on social media by providing value

  2. Produce more content with little effort and big outcome

  3. Gather concrete feedback on our product and how we can improve the experience

New website

Since our launch in February of 2020, the initial website didn't evolve much. We simply added more content and buttons, which fastly exceeded into a cluttered page that is not a joy to use anymore.

Starting off differently, I approached the new design in a very radically minimalist way. Big typography, clear and to-the-point statements about our mission, values, and products.

A first dummy of the new website concept. The focus is set on displaying the value we can give to others and how our concept works.


As good as a product might be, nothing works without a great team and people steering in one direction, but also working through constructive disagreements, as well as open and honest discussions. Huge shoutout to Björn, Henrik, Niklas, Niklas, Luca, and Laurenz.

Trying things is exhausting but necessary. We have been through many iterations and different ideas that we either improved further or dropped. This process is not the easiest, but truly important when discovering what a brand should be about.