A digital display for Laurenz' passionate storytelling through images.

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As many photos you can snap with your phone, photo­graphy will always remain a craft that requires certain skills and attention to the beauty of the small things. Capturing emotions, making memories last – something Laurenz understands without a doubt.

As time goes by, we learn a lot. The first version of his website was created almost three years ago, and his abilities have evolved ever since. Consequently, we sat down together and revamped his portfolio.

Bold typography, bold images. Scrolling the site feels just like an art gallery of beautiful pictures.

The updated site is focused on essential photographs, Laurenz' motivations and transparently shows his packages and pricing options for commercial projects.

Beautiful in light and dark
A simple 4 column grid enables countless possibilites of arranging the pictures while mainting the simplicity needed to not distract from the site's content.