This is a list of items that I use for my work.
You're welcome to share your setup as well, just like the folks at do.

Please look at this page rather from an informative perspective than me wanting to brag about the things I have. I am regularly questioning whether having this page is a good decision, because the urge to compare is strong.

To that I have to say that I also started with a very basic setup that literally just worked at that time. When my needs grew and I needed more performance, the tools had to adjust to that.


The desk is a combination of an IKEA GERTON tabletop and the Autonomous SmartDesk DIY Kit.


My setup consists of a 14" MacBook Pro (2021) and a 27" LG 32UL750-W in combination with an Apple Magic Keyboard and the Apple Magic Trackpad.

My daily driver is an iPhone 11 Pro Max. However, I currently think about upgrading to an iPhone 12 or 13 (Mini).

For recordings I use a FOX Microphone by Beyerdynamic and my music plays on a HomePod Mini or BOSE SoundLink Speaker or my AirPods.

Snacks and drinks are kept safely on The Tray by Tōrnqvist.


All coding happens in Visual Studio Code and the default macOS terminal. I am working with Git using GitHub Desktop. To access any (S)FTP servers, my choice is Transmit.


I create interfaces mostly in Figma, sometimes in Sketch. The icons for my designs usually come from Feather Icons or the Carbon Design System Icon Library. Recently I started to create some myself.

When in need, I am also able to work with almost every app of the Adobe Creative Cloud. These include Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects.


For browsing, I switch between Beam, Safari, and Arc. My mail inbox is kept zero with Tempo and I recently switched from Tweek to Amie for task planning. As a replacement for spotlight search, Raycast is a huge productivity boost. Tools like Linear, Timing, or Dropover come in handy for many of my other daily tasks.