This is a list of items that I use for my craft and that I couldn't go without.


The desk is a combination of an IKEA GERTON tabletop and the Autonomous SmartDesk DIY Kit.


My setup consists of a 14" MacBook Pro from 2021 and an 27" LG 32UL750-W in combination with an Apple Magic Keyboard 2 and the Apple Magic Trackpad 2.

My daily driver is an iPhone 11 Pro Max, but I am currently thinking about upgrading to an 12 or 13 Mini.

For recordings I use a FOX Microphone by Beyerdynamic and my music plays on a BOSE SoundLink Revolve Speaker or my AirPods Pro.

Snacks and drinks are kept safely on a Tōrnqvist, The Tray.


All coding happens in Visual Studio Code and as a terminal, I use the default MacOS Terminal. I am working with Git using GitHub Desktop. To access any (S)FTP servers, my choice for that is Transmit.


My design tools of choice are Figma and Sketch. In addition, I use some plugins like Runner Pro or Unsplash. The icons for my designs mostly come from Feather Icons, if I don't create them myself.

When in need, I am also able to work with almost every app of the Adobe Creative Cloud. These include Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects.


For browsing, I switch between Safari, Beam, and Arc, my mail client is Tempo and I am planning my weekly tasks on Tweek. As a replacement for the standard spotlight search, I am using Raycast. For other areas, tools like Linear, Timing, or Dropover come in handy.