Linus Rogge is a designer with a back­ground in web enge­neer­ing who began to code at the age of 11. He is based in Hamburg, Germany, and focuses on building useful products whilst establishing a strong network of passionate people.

As a lover of minimal­ism and simplicity, he strives to make more sustainable and inten­tio­nal desci­sions and focus on what's essential. Following the idea of less enables him to set apart what truly matters – creating digital experiences that serve a decent purpose.

What makes Linus unique?

Answered by close friends and colleagues

These are not the usual reviews on a designer's website, but skills that matter the most to Linus and lay the foundation for every collaboration. To design honest and meaningful solutions, it is necessary to understand people and interact with every person eye-to-eye.

Being an introvert makes him a fairly quiet person. However, once Linus gets comfortable, there are no limits for discussing life and everything important.


In 2020, he started his self-employment and synchro­nously partnered with brands like 5AM and Appmotion. His gathered experi­ence now emerges into the creation of his own Studio TWENTY EIGHT.

As of now, Linus has to balance work and high-school, which taught him to thoroughly plan and exectue his tasks, as well as learning how irrelevant our educational system is.

People he would love to high-five in reality

Dennis Müller, Amon Lang, James Bedford, Sebastian Waters, Pascal Gärtner, Moritz Mortimer, Sebastian Stock­marr, Nikolai Dobreff, Joshua Söhn, Nicholas Christo­witz, Joel de Jonge, Piet Ter­heyden, Carl Baren­brug, Erno Forsström, Marcel Wichmann, Martin Lexow, Moritz Breuer, Tobias Möritz, Ólafur Arnalds, Leander Lenzing, Malte Körte, Caroline Lenzing, Anja Merz, Lilian Galedary, Tobias van Schneider, Jonas Arleth, Sam Tompkins, Matt D'avella, Dieter Rams, Tim Dessaint, Daniel Simmons, Harry Styles, Fynn Kliemann

Bucket List

This is a list of things Linus would love to accomplish in his lifetime.
The only rule is that he can’t delete anything, just add more: